ESG-CV Rapid Rehousing: Request for Proposals

ESG-CV Rapid Rehousing: Request for Proposals – Posted September 25, 2020

The Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services (MOHS), on behalf of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, announces a grant award to provide Rapid Rehousing through the Emergency Solutions Grant-CV in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Baltimore has allocated $6,904,284 to prepare, prevent or respond to COVID-19 among people who are experiencing homelessness through Rapid Rehousing. ESG-CV funds are functionally similar to Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funding.

The RFP deadline is October 26th, at 4pm. All applications must be submitted to [email protected].

Find the full Request for Proposal and Application Here.

Find the Budget Template Here.

An application workshop, also known as a Bidders’ Conference, was held on October 6th via webinar. The information session covered eligible projects and application requirements. 

Find the Bidders' Conference recording (audio/slides) here and the Bidders' Conference slides here

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Target Population

The proposed projects should serve individuals and families currently experiencing homelessness. Participants will be referred through Baltimore City’s Coordinated Access System, where households experiencing homelessness will be prioritized.  Special efforts should also be made to serve households that are at increased risk of severe illness due to COVID-19. In addition, to including individuals who are of color, seniors, individuals with multiple health conditions, who are pregnant or parenting, identify as LGBTQ, victims of sexual trafficking and exploitation, or have lived experience in institutional settings.

Eligible Project

ESG-CV RRH Funding Available

Funding & Project Scope




Unit Count: 150+ households

Rapid Rehousing (RRH)

The ESG-CV Rapid Rehousing Project will offer rapid rehousing rental assistance and support services. More information can be found in the RFP.


Total Amount of Funding Available. Proposed budgets and grant agreements will reflect 2-year project period, and projects should anticipate funding to be spent down within 21 months). Seeking multiple providers.

Rapid Rehousing includes three primary components:

1.       Housing Identification

2.       Rental Assistance Administration

3.       Case management

Traditionally, RRH providers in Baltimore have been responsible for all three of these components.  In this RFP, MOHS is offering the opportunity for a one or more entities to apply to conduct Housing Identification for the CoC. Why is MOHS offering this opportunity? First, the ESG-CV funds offer an opportunity for a one-time boost of RRH funds. Given the tight rental market, it may be advantageous for the program overall if one or more entities were able to secure most of the units for the program and make these available to other agencies. Competing for a limited pool of eligible units can drive rents up and is less efficient. 

MOHS would also like to encourage agencies to seek partnerships where one organization is responsible for the Case Management component and another agency is responsible for Rental Assistance Administration (paying rent checks, determining rent amount, etc.). This structure allows each organization to specialize in their distinct activity, and may allow additional providers to come onboard to administer ESG-CV RRH.


The timeline is subject to change as needed to meet the goals and priorities of the Continuum of Care.  Any changes to the competition process or timeline will be posted to the CoC listserv and MOHS website.

September 25th, 2020                   RFP released

October 6th, 2020                          Bidders’ Conference at 3:30pm: Register Here

October 26th, 2020                        RFP deadline

November 2020                            RFP review and scoring

November 2020                            Conditional award letters

November 2020                            Grant agreements and contracting with MOHS

December 2020                            Project start date

Questions? Email [email protected]