Outreach Team Provides Crisis Intervention Training to the Community

Women in a black MOHS hat and hoodie speak to a room full of people

Last week, the Outreach Team provided Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) for new officers at Johns Hopkins University. Crisis Intervention Training Programs are local initiatives designed to improve the way Law Enforcement, EMS/Fire/Rescue, and Tele-communicators respond to people experiencing a crisis.

Our team was able to provide resources and techniques that officers may need on their patrol to properly support a neighbor experiencing homelessness. Addressing the complex issue of homelessness requires that all agencies and systems work together. As we continue to fight homelessness in Baltimore City, we look forward to partnering with other community organizations and providing vital resources and training to all stakeholders.

If you are concerned for yourself or someone else who may be experiencing homelessness, please complete the Outreach Request Form or email the Outreach Team.

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