Meet Pearly - MOHS' Peer Recovery Specialist

Black man in a MOHS branded hat and jacket smiling while standing in front of a tan brick wall

Meet Pearly! Pearly is the Peer Recovery Specialist at a City-funded Men’s Shelter run by TIME Organization, as well as Catholic Charities' Weinberg Housing and Resource Center. He facilitates peer recovery groups, makes treatment referrals, and provides de-escalation services.

With over 10 years of experience in homeless services, Pearly has learned how important it is for clients to share experiences and support one another on their journey. About 10-15 clients from each location meet once a week for peer group sessions. During the session, Pearly promotes constructive feedback and sharing resources for recovery and housing.

Through these relationships, Pearly is able to get 1-2 clients into treatment a month. “I like getting them into treatment and then seeing them nine months later looking bright, shiny, and doing well,” said Pearly.

Thank you for being by our neighbor’s sides as they embark on their wellness and housing journey! We appreciate you!

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