Corey's Story

Corey is an African American male with dreads. He is wearing sunglasses and a Polo shirt with a teddy bear on it.

Corey is a Baltimore native, father, and barber in his community. He has recently been housed and agreed to share his story with us.

After Corey's incarceration, he "had nowhere to go" upon returning to society and had to rely on the support of family and friends. Soon after Corey settled into his life again, he fell in love and got married. During the marriage, his wife became ill and passed away. The passing of his wife was detrimental, and Corey felt his only escape from the pain was substance use. This is when Corey first experienced homelessness.

One day, Corey decided it was time to ask for help, so he went to TIME Organization Emergency Men's Shelter for assistance. He attended group sessions, worked with a case manager, participated in recovery programs, and received temporary housing at a City-funded shelter. Earlier this year, he was referred to Project PLASE, Inc. where he was immediately put on the housing list and worked with a case manager to get him back on his feet.

Currently, Corey is "at peace" in his new home and will soon get a kitten or puppy to keep him company. He is in active recovery and working with Project PLASE to pursue his CDL License as a source of stable income!

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