David's Story

A picture of David smiling. He is wearing a yellow t-shirt with a striped navy blue button up on top.

David is a Delaware native, father, and an inventor.

When David lost his job in 2019, his family experienced instability in their Florida home. They were at-risk of homelessness multiple times and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, things worsened.

A friend in Baltimore presented David with a job opportunity, so he moved here in hopes of bettering his life. Unfortunately, the move from Florida was a difficult transition and after being kicked out of transitional housing in Baltimore, David found himself homeless.

While experiencing homelessness, David had trouble switching his Medicaid coverage to Maryland, he couldn’t access his vital documents from Florida, and he was assaulted. We are grateful that MOHS Outreach Worker, Bob, approached David and offered resources when he needed them most.

Eventually, Bob received a housing voucher for David and referred him to Project PLASE where David’s case manager provided housing assistance and access to services. Currently, David is housed through the Rapid Re-housing Program and feels like he’s “in heaven”.

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