Damon's Story

Damon wearing a long sleeve blue crew neck.

Damon has been a Baltimore resident since the age of two; he loves music, identifies as an introvert, and embraces fatherhood.

Growing up, Damon experienced trauma that affected the trajectory of his life. He was physically abused, he dropped out of high school, and he was introduced to drugs at the age of 11.

As a young adult, Damon always worked hard at his jobs, but he was also battling drug addiction on and off. Once Damon lost his job, the home that he, his girlfriend, and their young kids were living in went into foreclosure; they were forced to move in with her parents. Damon and his girlfriend often engaged in drugs together and one unfortunate day, she passed away from overdose. After her passing, Damon “went full out into drug addiction for 10 years”.

He lived in abandoned buildings and garages during this time, trying to escape life and make the pain go away. Eventually, he went into a drug recovery program so that he could have a relationship with his kids. He was living in a shelter when he was referred to Project PLASE, and within one month, he moved into a new apartment! Project PLASE also helped Damon obtain his vital documents and receive public assistance through case management services.

Damon has now been housed for five months and is excited to learn how to cook again as he experiences new-found freedom. He also looks forward to getting back into the workforce with a part-time job.

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