Kalem & Denise's story

An older gentleman in a black shirt, blue blazer, and Air Force hat sits next to a woman in a pink Nike hoodie. The background is an image of MCVET's building.

Kalem is an Air Force Veteran, a father, and a community activist. Kalem first experienced homelessness after his home became mold-infested and he couldn’t afford to get it removed. He stayed in shelters until he was admitted to the VA Hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. From there, he was connected to MCVET where he has access to resources and services that are helping him create a plan for his life.

Denise is a Navy Veteran, a retired nurse, and a natural giver. Denise first experienced homelessness after she retired from the health care industry and was unable to sustain her living situation. She lived with her Aunt until she decided to "go out and be on her own"; Denise was sleeping in her car when she was introduced to MCVET. Since being at MCVET, Denise has taken advantage of the life skills classes, repaired her credit, and gained a support system. The last time we spoke, she had just signed her lease and was expected to move in the next week! Welcome Home, Denise! These stories remind us that homelessness can happen to anyone.

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