Tiara's Story

Young black woman with long hair and a black graphic tee smiling

Tiara is a loving mom to four kids, a Veteran, and a former restaurant manager from Baltimore.

Tiara is on her journey to exiting homelessness after losing everything during a rough time following the Army. Like many people, Tiara never thought she would be experiencing homelessness. Fortunately, she has been utilizing her resources and benefits as a Veteran to be connected to supportive services.

With a referral from a friend, Tiara was connected to Project PLASE, Inc., and received case management that assisted her with housing, employment, and the gathering of vital documents. She was happy to know that plenty of people were willing to help and provide the resources she needed to get back on her feet.

When we last spoke, Tiara mentioned her next steps included looking for a home in a safe environment with good schools to raise her family. She is also seeking a job in the hospitality industry to fuel her love of talking to people!

Please welcome Tiara home on Instagram and Facebook! Though Tiara would say, “Home is wherever your heart is”.

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