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Baltimore's Continuum of Care Receives $29.3M in HUD CoC Program Competition

Baltimore, MD (Friday, February 2, 2024) - On Monday, January 29, 2024, the U.S.

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Health Commissioner Declares Code Blue Extreme Cold Alert

Health Commissioner Declares Code Blue Extreme Cold Alert Tuesday Evening Through Thursday Morning 

The Baltimore Station

The Baltimore Station turns lives around! They specialize in therapeutic residential and outpatient treatment programs, guiding veterans on their path to self-sufficiency.

The Baltimore Station

Kalem & Denise's story

Kalem is an Air Force Veteran, a father, and a community activist. Kalem first experienced homelessness after his home became mold-infested and he couldn’t afford to get it removed

An older gentleman in a black shirt, blue blazer, and Air Force hat sits next to a woman in a pink Nike hoodie. The background is an image of MCVET's building.

MCVET: Veterans Helping Veterans

Leading up to Veterans Day, we are featuring veterans and service providers that support veterans!

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Damon's Story

Damon has been a Baltimore resident since the age of two; he loves music, identifies as an introvert, and embraces fatherhood.

Damon wearing a long sleeve blue crew neck.

David's Story

David is a Delaware native, father, and an inventor.

A picture of David smiling. He is wearing a yellow t-shirt with a striped navy blue button up on top.