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The Coordinated Access (CA) system facilitates an equitable and streamlined process for individuals and families seeking homeless services, ensuring access to appropriate housing options and support services. CA provides a person-centered approach that preserves choice and dignity among those looking for assistance.

Coordinated Access is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for all Continuums of Care (CoC) as stated in 24 CFR 578.7 (a)(8) of the Continuum of Care Program Interim Rule. 

Creating A More Effecitve Homeless Response Syem

The Baltimore City Continuum of Care (CoC), The Journey Home, is a U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Program that promotes community-wide commitment to the goal of making homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring in Baltimore City.

The Coordinated Access (CA) system is overseen by the Homeless Response System Committee of the Journey Home Board, which oversees the development of the CA system’s policies and procedures. 

If you are interested in joining the Homeless Response System Committee, please complete an interest form. Eligible committee members are individuals and organizations with an active CoC Membership and individuals working with a member organization.

Become a Coordinated Access Navigator Site

Any Baltimore City service provider whose official job responsibilities include finding housing for people experienicng homelessness can register as a Coordinated Access (CA) Navigator. CA Navigators must receive funding to specifically provide behavioral health services, homeless outreach, and/or case management. CA Navigators will also require internal supervision to ensure all responsibilities are carried out ethically and appropriately.


Get Help: Complete Coordinated Access

Coordinated Access (CA) Navigators are trained to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness with submitting a Vulnerability Assessment, and gathering the necessary documentation needed to complete formal housing applications. If you would like to determine your eligibility for housing programs, please contact or visit a CA Navigtaor Site.

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