Coordinated Access

Coordinated Access is a centralized process for assessing persons in need of homeless services to determine the appropriate service type and housing option.  Coordinated Access is designed to streamline access to housing and services rather than having to apply separately at each program location.  

The vision of the Coordinated Access system is “to ensure that individuals and families at-risk of or experiencing homelessness will have an equitable and centralized process for timely access to appropriate resources, in a person-centered approach that preserves choice and dignity”.

Coordinated Access is based on a vulnerability assessment tool that is conducted by trained navigators at a wide variety of service providers.

Coordinated Access is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for all Continuums of Care (CoC) as stated in 24 CFR 578.7 (a)(8) of the Continuum of Care Program Interim Rule.  HUD’s primary goals for coordinated access systems are that “assistance is allocated as effectively as possible and that it be easily accessible no matter where or how people present.”

Governance: Coordinated Access Committee

The Coordinated Access system is overseen by the Coordinated Access Committee of the Journey Home Board. The Journey Home Board oversees the work of the Baltimore City’s Continuum of Care with the vision of making homelessness rare and brief.

The Coordinated Access Committee is responsible for overseeing the development of the system’s policies and procedures. The Committee is staffed by the Coordinated Access Lead Agency, currently the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services. 

Coordinated Access Navigators

Coordinated Access Navigators are service providers trained to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness with submitting a Vulnerability Assessment, and gathering the necessary documentation needed to complete formal housing applications.

Any Baltimore City service provider whose official job responsibilities include finding housing for homeless clients can register as a navigator.  Navigator agencies must be funded to provide behavioral health services, homeless outreach, or case management.  Navigators must have a supervisor who is responsible for ensuring they carry out their responsibilities ethically and appropriately.  

Please click here to review the Policies and Procedures for the Navigator duties. 

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