Who is Eligible for HOPWA

  1. Any person with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or related diseases (HIV/AIDS)
  2. Who is also a low-income individual or in a low-income family

24 CFA, Part 574.3: Eligible Person

HOPWA Eligible Services/Activities

  • Housing assistance - in the form of tenant-based or project-based rental assistance; acquisition; rehab; conversion, lease, and repair to facilities; new construction, and short-term rent, mortgage, and utility payments (to prevent homelessness)
  • Supportive services – health; mental health; assessment; permanent housing placement; drug and alcohol abuse treatment and couo denseling; daycare; personal assistance; nutritional services; intensive care (when required); employment and education services; and assistance gaining access to local, State, and Federal benefits and services

Annual Allocations

Each year, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene publishes data on HIV cases. This data is used to determine how the HOPWA award is allocated to jurisdictions in the Baltimore EMSA. The City of Baltimore annually contracts with localities within the EMSA for each jurisdiction to address the housing needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS in their communities. Due to regulatory requirements, it remains in the City’s best interest to allow jurisdictions to provide services under HOPWA to eligible persons, as the City provides oversight of the provision of services.

Coordinated Access for MOHS HOPWA & HAP Programs

If you are eligible for the HOPWA Program and would like to contact a Coordinated Access Navigator, please call to schedule an appointment between Monday-Friday, from 8:30am-4:30pm.

  • Main Phone: 410-935-9862
  • Secondary Phone: 410-396-375