Laurence's Story

Elder black man in a gray suit, tie, and hat standing in front of a purple wall

Meet Laurence! He is a Baltimore native who became the first African-American artist-in-residence in the State of Maryland in 1976. Since then, Laurence has achieved many historic achievements such as; assisting with exhibit design in the Banneker-Douglass Museum, curating art for Congressmen Elijah Cummings, establishing the first State funded Art Gallery for an African-American, and more!

Pledging the need for an African-American Museum in Baltimore, Laurence also contributed to the development and design of the Reginald F. Lewis Museum.

During the pandemic, Laurence found himself unemployed and a series of circumstances led him to being homeless. When we last spoke, Project PLASE, Inc. was helping Laurence secure temporary housing, and seeking permanent supportive housing. During this time, Laurence is still finding ways to serve his community.

Join us in sending a kind #WelcomeHome message to Laurence on Instagram and Facebook! Check out his most recent art show during the 35th Anniversary of the Banneker-Douglass Museum.

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