Renee's Story

A woman with reddish brown hair in a purple hoodie

Renee shared her story at the House America 2022 Press Event on February 14, 2023. Two years ago she became homeless, and today, not only is she housed but she is the Interim Director for Senior and Disabled Housing at Baltimore Safe Haven (BSH)!

Renee became homeless due to her transition, medical needs, and the bankruptcy of the company she worked for. A counselor connected her with Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) which helped take care of her medical needs and assisted with temporary housing. During this time, Renee started a Facebook Campaign that advocates housing for transgender seniors. Executive Director Dammons of BSH followed Renee’s journey, helped her get housing, and offered her a job to help others with the same experiences.

Thank you to the partnerships that contributed to a number of stories like Renee’s.

#WelcomeHome Renee! View her story on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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