HMIS User Training

HMIS New User Training has been redesigned as of March 2020. In response to COVID-19, the HMIS New User Training is now 100% online.

Users will be required to complete all HMIS and/or Coordinated Access courses before gaining access to the HMIS live environment. Partial completion of courses will not fulfill the initial HMIS training requirement.

With 100% online courses, authorized new users will be able to access the learning portal at anytime and complete the required trainings at their own pace. Once ALL required trainings are completed, users must sign and complete both the new user agreement and confidentiality notice. Documents are then to be sent to the HMIS helpdesk.

New users will only be granted access once the required documents are received. Partial completion or not sending in the documents will not gain users access to HMIS. 

HMIS access should only be granted to personnel that require access to the system to perform official work duties on behalf of their agency. Only agency directors or officially designated HMIS representatives may authorize or remove new HMIS users, via the Baltimore HMIS User Authorization form