Meet Shawnta - MOHS' Seasonal Operations Manager

Middle-aged black women with a bob smiling, she is wearing a MOHS branded shirt and standing in front of a colorful brick wall

Meet Shawnta! Shawnta is the Seasonal Operations Manager at the Mayor's Office of Homeless Services (MOHS) Winter Shelter Program. She oversees the daily preparation and intake of Winter Shelter clients on nights when the temperature with wind chill reaches freezing (32 degrees and below).

Winter Shelter provides relief from the cold for our neighbors experiencing homelessness while also providing clothing items, meals, hot beverages, restrooms, peer recovery services, and connections to providers.

Recently, three women in Winter Shelter were connected to permanent shelter where they will receive case management and supportive services to help them on their journey home. In Shawnta’s words, “Sometimes it’s a tough job but when you see people get help and get better, it reminds me and my team why what we’re doing matters”.

Thank you Shawnta, and the entire Winter Shelter staff for your hard work this season. Winter Shelter is in effect until 9 am on Tuesday, March 21, please call 443-984-9540 to get connected to emergency shelter.

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